? Delay to carry out a trademark search

- 3 working days

? Searched data base

- National and international designating Morocco

? Kind of search

- Availability search (identical and similar) with opinion

? Adopted Classification

- 10th edition of Nice classification

Specific goods or services allowed

- No limits. Class Heading are accepted.

? Multi-class applications accepted

- Yes

? Co-owned trademark allowed

- Yes.

? Trademarks subject to rejection

- Trademarks that contrary to public order or morality

? Priority claim under Paris Convention

- Yes, within the delay of six months.

? Delay to submit late filing documents

- 3 months as from filing date and can be extended for further 2 additional months (except for the priority document).

? Date of Renewal

- Within the 6 months preceding expiry date. A grace period of 6 months is allowed.

? Use requirement.

- Use is not necessary for filing or renewal of a trademark.

? Correction of mistakes in the applications

- Should be made within 3 months as from filing date


? License agreement

- Optional

? Assignment, Merger and Change of name

- Compulsory under  risk of lack of enforceability.


? Delay to file oppositions

- 2 months as from publication date of the contested application

? Grounds of opposition

- An earlier trademark application or registration

- A well-known trademark

- A prior protected Geographical Indication or Appellation of origin.



? Searched Data base

- National granted patent

? Kind of search

- Search by Patentees, subjects of the invention and number of priorities

? Validity of a patent

- 20 Years as from filing date.

- Exceptionally, the validity period of pharmaceutical patents can be extended for a term of 30 extra months, under specific provisions

? Deadline to enter a national phase application

- 31 months as from priority date.

? Pharmaceutical products patentable

- Yes

? Non-exclusive Compulsory License

- Possible, under specific conditions

? Ex-officio license

- Possible, if the patented product is not commercialized in a quantity sufficient to the Moroccan market or in case of the price of the product is abusively high

? Grant of the application

- Patents are granted after 18 months as from filing date, or priority date, if claimed.

- National phase applications are granted approximately within 6 months as from national filing date

? Amendments to the specification / corrections

- Amendments and corrections are tolerated before grant of the application

? Annuities

- The 2nd annuity is paid with the application. Future annuities are paid on each anniversary date (annually).


? Assignment, Merger and Change of name / address, License

- Compulsory under risk of non enforceability. 



Time frame to carry out a search

- One week time

Searched Data base

- National Designs/Models

Kind of search

- Search by Applicants, title of the Design / model

Validity of a Design / Model

- 5 Years as from filing date.


- For two consecutive periods of 5 years each. The renewal should be made during the 6 months prior to the expiry date

Late renewal

- A grace period of 6 months is allowed for late renewal with fine

Novelty required

- Yes, but no examination is carried out..

Designs that are liable to rejection

- Those that are contrary to morality and public order

Multi Design applications

- Possible, one application can include up to 50 design/model of the same object

Co-owned Design/Model

A Design / Model can be filed in the name of more than one applicant

Priority claim under Paris Convention

Yes, within the 6 months following the initial application. A Priority document is required

Time frame to submit late filing documents

- Three months as from filing date.

Correction of typing errors

- Possible within three months as from filing date


- A design / Model application in granted registration upon filing.


Assignment, License, Merger and Change of name / address

- Compulsory under risk of non enforceability